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To understand this you have to attend our Pub Crawl tours! 😉 A pub crawl is a group of individuals/people who drink in several bars to crawl back home on all fours.

No, just meet us at the meeting point. You can buy your tickets there.

We stay approx. till 9:15 pm at the meeting point. If you are running late, call and join us in the next bar.

You have to be 18+, for Babalu Specials 21+ (3-4 times a year). There isn’t a maximum age. Most of the attendants are aged between 18 and early 30s. Bring your ID or passport.

It varies, the average is between 20-30.

Of course, just inform us in advance, so we can prepare ourselves.

Yes, we do organise private tours for birthday parties, business events or every other reason you find to crawl. Send us an email with your ideas and we’ll discuss the details together.

There are at least 2 guides which lead you to the bars.

Even if the sun shone during the night we would do the Pub Crawls. Most of the Bars got something like walls or even a roof! 😉

Just bring your best smile. 🙂 We can’t guarantee admission if you wear flip-flops or a similar no-go. Then, doorman can deny admission due to inappropriate behaviour. We can’t influence that.

We regularly upload the latest pics on Facebook and Instagram.

Okay, but only because it’s you. Send us an email. We are open-minded for your ideas.

Haven’t found an answer to your question? If so, use our contact form.