§1 General information

(1) Zürich Pub Crawl reserves the right to change the GTC at any time. Any reservations made before such changes will be treated according to the former conditions. Content of the website, Facebook and flyers is published and maintained with great care. However, Zürich Pub Crawl assumes no liability for the accuracy, integrity or currency of such content.

§2 Validity

(1) The following terms regulate the contractual relationship between the participant of the Zürich Pub Crawl Tour (as well as on a private tour) and Zürich Pub Crawl. These are effective from the start of the tour in the first bar/pub and end with the entry to the last location. Differing conditions of the participant are not valid.

§3 Participation fee and terms of payment

(1) Fees are the same as published on the website. The participation fee is to be paid in cash at the start of the tour. Included in the fee is a wristband. Not included are any travel costs or extra expenditures such as accommodation.

§4 Age and Idenification

(1) All participants must be of legal age, according to Swiss law (18 years old) and in possession of a valid form of identification (ID card, residence permit, passport, driving licence).

§5 Changes of programme

(1) In the case of special, unforeseeable circumstances such as the illness of a guide, Zürich Pub Crawl reserves the right to change the location and/or time of the tour, appoint a replacement guide or cancel it altogether.

(2) If the number of participants falls below the minimum number (10 participants), Zürich Pub Crawl reserves the right to change the time of the tour or cancel it altogether.

(3) Furthermore, Zürich Pub Crawl reserves the right to ask a participant to leave in the case of inappropriate behaviour. Participants who cannot behave and/or cause personal, public or property damage will be asked to leave. In this case, the participant will not receive compensation for damages or reimbursement of the participation fee. Pub Crawl guides can only arrange the serving of drinks; they are forbidden from serving any alcohol to the participants,

(4) In case of changes to a tour, further demands of participants, in particular damage claims (also cancellation charges for travel or accommodation) will not be considered valid.

§6 Data protection

(1) By accepting these terms and conditions the customer consents to Zürich Pub Crawl storing contact details such as name, country of origin and email address. This storage is in order to fulfil performance obligations, to build a client index, for accounting and statistical purposes, and to inform customers about any new Zürich Pub Crawl offers.

(2) Consent to receive offers from Zürich Pub Crawl can be revoked by the customer at any time. Zürich Pub Crawl promises not to pass on this data to third parties. If the contact details are no longer needed, or if a customer retracts consent after fulfilment of all contractual obligations, these will be immediately deleted by Zürich Pub Crawl. All photographs taken during or after a tour are entitled to be published by Zürich Pub Crawl or used for marketing purposes. Should the customer be in disagreement, he should indicate this either verbally or in writing.

(3) Zürich Pub Crawl uses cookies to provide social media features and to analyse the traffic. Information are also shared about the use of this site with social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that the customer has provided to them or that they’ve collected from the use of their services.

§7 Cancellations

(1) Free cancellation is possible up to 96 hours before the start of a tour. A processing fee of 25% will be applied to cancellations after this period and up to 24 hours before the tour. After this deadline, the fee can not be refunded.

§8 Insurance and Liability

(1) Zürich Pub Crawl chooses professional and qualified guides for its tours. In the case of personal injury, property damage, damage to public places or similar, the organisers assume no liability. Zürich Pub Crawl is not held responible for the performances of third parties, even if these are arranged by Zürich Pub Crawl. Zürich Pub Crawl commits itself to organising tours in good faith. Participants are fully responsible. In the case of a participant being unable to continue with the tour either because of intoxication or failure to pass bar/club/pub security, the person in question will no longer be able to participate.

(2) The Swiss law applies.